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ABA Alexandria business association Alexandria business association Welcome to ABA We helping to
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ABA Alexandria business association Alexandria business association Welcome to ABA Over 30 years of
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Our Vision

Developing a pro-active approach, in representing and supporting its members' interests in the business environment in Alexandria, Egypt and abroad,...
business intelligence

Our Mission

Boosting the Alexandria region industrially, economically, socially & culturally, enhancing Alexandria’s role as an important business hub in the region,....
business intelligence

Our Value

Dedicated to Serve the business community and civil society, which is reflected in the development of the economy and society in large...


This project is considered one of the world's best practices in Micro Finance. This is due to the diversification of different credit programs and the innovative use of tools to achieve its objectives. SME project has its independent management with an autonomous nature overseen through ABA Board and its own executive committee.
The project is now covering 10 Governorates through 83 branch offices and employing more than 2,351 staff members (38% Women). The active portfolio exceeds 2.3Billion EGP with 0.63 % Risk Indicator. It offers a wide range of financial and non-financial services to our beneficiaries, and also consulting services to other MFIs, as well as being an IT house specialized for Microfinance tracking system with its patented “Loan Tracker Software”.

To further our endeavor in advancing human capital in Alexandria, we established in 2016 the Vocational Technical and Employment Center (VTEC) Which provide top-quality vocational training and workforce support, and facilitate partnerships that grow communities and businesses, and act as a model for excellence in workforce development.

For top management and executives level skills development our Middle East Development Center (MEDC) established in 2007, as a stand-alone executive and management training center building strategic alliances with various advanced education and training partners to deliver top quality training.

We Also have the Financial and Consulting Services Unit which plays the role of mediator between all the financial institutions in Egypt and between the Members of the Association in order to provide the most appropriate and best conditions for insurance, financing and investment.


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