Founder & Previous Chairmen

Founder of Alexandria Business Association

A businessman & a social leader of a unique style

Mr. Mohamed Ragab was a serial Entrepreneur adopting most of the modern management principles and dedicated to achieving his goals with a birds-eye on the future.

He had a major accomplishment in the fields of Economy, Tourism, Education amongst others.

In addition to his remarkable success, Mr. Ragab has also founded the family-owned Ragab Foundation which provides a wide range of community services to those in need.

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ABA is internationally recognized for implementing one of the world’s best practices in micro-finance community projects. The project was led by Mr. Ragab and continues to serve local communities more than 90 branches over 14 Governorates around Egypt until today


Eng. Mohamed Ragab

Ragab Group

Previous Chairmen

Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary

Dr. MOHAMED GHATWARY has been the Chairman of Alexandria Business Association ABA, one of the leading NGO’s in Egypt advocating for reforms in Business environment from 2009 until 2013. Currently he is a Board member and the advisor for the Board and the head of Sustainability and Membership Committees beside being the head of ABA Governance Committee working to introduce the Best International Governance Practices to ABA Microfinance Project and other activities.
Dr. Ghatwary was the head of the team engaged in establishing an advocacy unit in ABA with an objective of establishing the first private sector observatory in Egypt (ISLAH) for monitoring reforms in the business environment from the private sector perspective.
In this concern he has been working closely with IFC and the World Bank, General authority for Investment GAFI, Industrial Development Authority IDA and Alexandria Governorate and university.
He represented ABA in GAFI board of trustees, the initiative of ERRADA launched by the Egyptian council of competitiveness for streamlining legislations related to business environment and many other activities.
He was involved in Export promotions through his role as the vice Chairman of the Export council for Medical industries. He headed many ABA trade missions to different countries in the region and the world, promoting the Investment in Egypt.

He is the Chairman of Ghatwary Group embracing different companies working in the field of Medical Manufacturing and Trading ,Business consultation and training in Egypt and GCC countries.
He is a Rotarian and Past President of Alexandria Mariot Rotary Club. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner by Richard Bandler, the father of NLP. He is a public speaker on subjects related to personal improvement and relations.
He spent part of his life in Spain in the Balearic Islands where he had different activities.

Personal information

Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary was graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, university of Alexandria in 1978. He is married to Dr Mona Warda with 2 sons and 1 daughter. Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary speaks French, English and Spanish.

Alexandria business association

Eng. Marwan El Sammak

Recently he was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to be the coordinator of “The Logistics Services for Foreign Trade Committee”. Mr. El Sammak is the Chairman and CEO of Ship & CREW company and General Manager of Medlevent Shipping.

Alexandria business association